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The deep job of writing one-year-anniversary poems for the memorial services for the North York Van Attack Tragedy and for the Danforth Shooting Tragedy. Those were such important things and such noble events….It was just a wonderful thing to participate and feel how much people loved and wanted the poem there…You think, your poor poem….It’s made wonderful by the love for it by these people or by the acceptance of the people.

A.F. Moritz

I am pleased to have taken part in the #onpoli podcast featuring the creation of the new role of Poet Laureate for Ontario in the name of Gord Downie. As a way of suggesting what the new Ontario Laureate will have in store, Steve Paikin and I have a lively discussion of my role as Toronto’s Poet Laureate. We talk, in particular, about the process of writing and presenting poetry for the one-year anniversaries of the North York Van Attack and the Danforth Shooting tragedies, and what they’ve meant to me.

#onpoli a TVO Podcast with Steve Paikin and John Michael McGrath
Bonus: Gord Downie and Ontario’s New Poet Laureate
May 29, 2020

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