#ItsAllRightNow Collaboration with Blaise Moritz

I’m pleased to have been invited to create a piece with my son, the artist and poet, Blaise Moritz, for the Covid-19 Responsive Public Art Project: It’s All Right Now. The project aims to speak to the multiplicity of calming and coping strategies used by the people of Toronto in response to the pandemic. Co-produced by The Bentway and Cossette, #It’sAllRightNow gathers 20 Toronto-based artists to respond to inquiry:

Our Response:

My #itsallrightnow collaboration with Blaise Moritz. It’s All Right Now, co-produced by The Bentway and Cossette

Over the next several weeks, our collaborative piece will appear across the city on screens and surfaces, including digital billboards, wild postings, and a mobile video truck! A map of the confirmed locations is available on the website, and they will continue to add new locations (and new works) as they receive them. Find and See the artwork here!

Here’s how the piece looks out and about in the city (Slide 4):

If you happen to catch a glimpse of this or any of the other #itsallrightnow pieces across the city, please do take a photo or a selfie with it and include @afmoritz and @blaisemoritz along with the #itsallrightnow hashtag.

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