Radio Interviews

HOWL with Valentino Assenza
A.F. Moritz [last 30 minutes of Broadcast]
August 4, 2020

CBC THE SUNDAY EDITION with Michael Enright
Books for Solace, Perspective, and Connection During Self-Isolation
March 22, 2020

CBC AS IT HAPPENS with Carol Off and Jeff Douglas
 “The Current of the Sugar” a segment from the “Northern Plights” Episode
May 24, 2019

CBC METRO MORNING with Matt Galloway
Introducing Toronto’s New Poet Laureate

an interview

March 8, 2019

A.F Moritz, Griffin Poetry Prize

an intervew

October 1, 2018


#ONPOLI a TVO Podcast
with Steve Paikin & John Michael McGrath
Gord Downie and the Search for Ontario’s New Provincial Poet May 2020

with Damian Rogers
A. F. Moritz: From Borges to Cyberpunk, April 2015, Sequence

with Michael Stuhlbarg

“The Jar” by A.F. Moritz, 
February 2014, 
from The Sentinel

on the Leonard Lopate Show

“Busman’s Honeymoon,” by A. F. Moritz, read by Ken Marks, April, 2006

A. F. Moritz Reads

poems from Rest on the Flight into Egypt, Brick Books, 1999

poems from Mahoning, Brick Books, 1994

poems from Song of Fear, Brick Books, 1992


Thin Air 2020

A.F. Moritz reads for the annual Winnipeg International Writers Festival, gone virtual in 2020.

Poetry in Translation, East Meets West

A.F. Moritz and Anna Yin discuss Poetry in Translation

Poetry in Translation, East Meets West

The Breakout Session from Moritz’s  discussion with Anna Yin.

Poetry, Song, and Humanism in a Pandemic

A.F. Moritz in an extended interview on the “Different Boat Same Storm” Podcast

A.F. Moritz Reads "Thoughts in Time of Plague" for CBC Q

CBC Q Facebook presents Toronto’s Poet Laureate reading his poem, “Thoughts in Time of Plague” [subtitles]

Kirby Reads "Names of Birds" from As Far As You Know

Toronto poet and cultural fire-starter Kirby reads my poem “Names of Birds” for his bedtime poetry social media series!

Anansi Bash: A.F. Moritz Reads "A Throw of the Dice" from As Far As You Know

Toronto’s Poet Laureate reads his poem, “A Throw of the Dice,” from his new collection As Far As You Know from Anansi Press. 

A. F. Moritz Reads "Thoughts in Time of Plague" for the Toronto Star

Toronto’s Poet Laureate reads his poem, “Thoughts in Time of Plague,” published in the Toronto Star on April 1, 2020

Moritz Becomes Toronto's Poet Laureate

Moritz reads “By St. Nicholas Ukrainian Church” to celebrate the beginning of National Poetry Month

Walk With Excellence

Moritz reads “Walk With Excellence” to celebrate the achievements of Toronto High School Students and Teachers.

The Griffin Poetry Prize: Thou Poem

Moritz reads “Thou Poem” from his book, The Sentinel, winner of the 2009 Griffin Poetry Prize. 

Tree Reading Series

On September 8, 2015, Moritz was the featured reader at the Tree Reading Series.

The Jeweller's Eye: The Book to Come

With a Jeweller’s Eye, Jeffery Donaldson offers a close reading of Moritz’s poem, “The Book to Come,” from The New Measures

How Pedestrian: Addiction

Beside Toronto’s Massey Hall, How Pedestrian asks a young man to read Moritz’s poem, “Addiction,” from Early Poems. 

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