Music by James Rolfe. Words by A.F. Moritz. Vocals by Alex Samaras. Piano by Lara Dodds-Eden.
from the Album, Wound Turned to Light by James Rolfe, Redshift Records TK540, Bandcamp. 
October 13, 2023

Radio Interviews & Podcasts

Eh Poetry Podcast
by Jason E. Coombs
#55 As Far As You Know by A.F. Moritz

July 25,2022

#ONPOLI with Steve Paikin & John Michael McGrath
Gord Downie and the Search for Ontario’s New Provincial Poet
May 2020



Music by James Rolfe. Words by A.F. Moritz. Vocals by Alex Samaras. Piano by Lara Dodds-Eden. Video by Juliet Palmer. From the album, Wound Turned to Light , Redshift Records TK540, available on Bandcamp.
Song, 2022. Video, 2024.

Tough Romance

A.F. Moritz participates in a Commemoration for Six Italo-Canadian Poets
October 19, 2023

Emma Goldman Symposium

A.F. Moritz reads “Inheriting Your Life,” an homage to Emma Goldman, at Toronto’s Goldman Symposium.
October 15, 2022

The Poets Read: A Celebration of Luciano Iacobelli

Moritz is among the first of twenty-two poets to read from the work of the late Luciano Iacobelli, and evening memorializing the life and work of his dear friend and fellow poet. November 21, 2022.

5 Poets Breaking into Song, Seventh Edition

Moritz reads from his book, The Garden. And James Rolfe performs his setting of Moritz’s poem, “Marigolds,” drawn from that book. Accompanied by pianist Juliet Palmer. November 19, 2022.

Emma Goldman Symposium: Full Talk, Poem, & Questions

A Symposium for Emma Goldman, 82 Years After Her Death in Toronto. A.F. Moritz  introduced by historian Franca Iacovetta, October, 15, 2022.

Marigolds, Words by A.F. Moritz, music by James Rolfe

James Rolfe performs his setting of “Marigolds,” poetry by A.F. Moritz from his book, The Garden. Recorded, 23 May 2022.

5 Poets Breaking into Song, Sixth Edition

Moritz is a featured reader and James Rolfe performs his setting of Moritz’s poem, “Coda: The Blues,” September 23, 2022.

Bengali Celebration

A.F. Moritz helps to introduce the Begali Martyrs and International Mother Tongue Days. 

Vallum Poem of the Week, "House"

Hear A.F. Moritz read “House” as Vallum’s Poem of the Week for June 21, 2021.

Word on the Street 2021

Celebrating the 2021 Trillum Book Award Finalists, September 25, 2021

Gordon Hill Spring Launch

Including Moritz’s The Garden, & Principe’s Stars Need Counting.

"Exactly Here the Marvel Spoke"

Poet Laureate  A.F. Moritz reads at Toronto City Council 10 March 2021

Here is Elsewhere: Poetry in Translation

Moritz and Luciano Iacobelli discuss and read the poetry of Ludwig Zeller.

As Far as You Know

Poet David O’Meara in conversation with Griffin Prize Winner and Toronto Poet Laureate A.F. Moritz

Toronto Writers Collective

 A.F. Moritz invites you to a Toronto Writers Collective reading

Where I'm From

Toronto Writers Collective members share their Stories at Union Station

Thin Air 2020

Moritz reads for the annual Winnipeg International Writers Festival,  2020.

Word on the Street, September 26th, 2020

Moritz hosts “Joyous or Sorrowful, 3 Poets Today”

Word in the Street, September 27, 2020

Moritz reads for “Poets on the Tangibility of Today”

A Selection of U.S. Election Haiku

A selection of haikus on the occasion of the U.S. election written by Star readers read by A.F. Moritz as featured in The Toronto Star.

Poetry In Translation - East Meets West

In an intenstive one-on-one Toronto’s Poet Laureate, A.F. Moritz and fellow poet Anna Yin discuss Poetry in Translation

Poetry In Translation - East Meets West

Part Two: The Breakout Session from Moritz’s  discussion with Anna Yin, with questions from the audience.

East Meets West Group Meeting

Poetry in Translation, East Meets West, presents this zoom video of their Final Group Session in a months-long series

Poetry, Song, and Humanism

Poet Laureate A.F. Moritz takes part in an extended interview for the new “Different Boat Same Storm” podcast

"A Song of Excellence" Walk with Excellence

Moritz reads the poem “A Song of Excellence,” composed for the 2020 Walk with Excellence, gone virtual in 2020.

"Thoughts in Time of Plague" for CBC Q

CBC Q Facebook presents Toronto’s Poet Laureate reading his poem, “Thoughts in Time of Plague” [subtitles]

Kirby reads "Names of Birds" from AFAYK

Toronto poet and cultural fire-starter Kirby reads my poem “Names of Birds” for his bedtime poetry social media series

Anansi Bash: "A Throw of the Dice"

Toronto’s Poet Laureate reads “A Throw of the Dice,” from his new collection As Far As You Know from Anansi Press. 

"Thoughts in Time of Plague"

Toronto’s Poet Laureate reads his poem, “Thoughts in Time of Plague,” published in the Toronto Star on April 1, 2020.

A. F. Moritz, Toronto's Next Poet Laureate

A. F. Moritz reads his poem,  “By St. Nicholas Ukrainian Church” to celebrate the beginning of National Poetry Month

Annual Walk with Excellence

Poet Laureate Moritz reads “Walk With Excellence,” lauding the achievements of High School Students and Teachers.

The Griffin Poetry Prize: Thou Poem

Moritz reads “Thou Poem” from his book, The Sentinel, winner of the 2009 Griffin Poetry Prize. 

The Tree Reading Series

On September 8, 2015, poet A.F. Moritz appeared as the featured reader at the Tree Reading Series.

The Jeweller's Eye: The Book to Come

With a Jeweller’s Eye, Jeffery Donaldson offers a close reading of Moritz’s, “The Book to Come,” from The New Measures.

How Pedestrian: Addiction

How Pedestrian asks a man to read Moritz’s poem, “Addiction,” from Early Poems.


A. F. Moritz Reads

poems from Rest on the Flight into Egypt, Brick Books, 1999

poems from Mahoning, Brick Books, 1994

poems from Song of Fear, Brick Books, 1992

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