As Far As You Know Recommended on CBC Radio

Thanks to CBC Radio for posting two recommendations of As Far As You Know during National Poetry Month.

Sean Wilson

First, CBC’s All in a Day with Alan Neal hosted an April 6 Book Panel with Sean Wilson from Ottawa International Writers Festival. Sean offers a strong recommendation of As Far As You Know as a way to “lean in” to poetry during these quarantine times. He also reads my Toronto Star poem “Thoughts in Time of Plague” aloud. If the book recommendation wasn’t enough, Wilson’s reading of the poem is quite the compliment.

Of course, I think you should listen to the entire All in a Day April 6 2020 Book Panel. If you’re in a rush, you’ll find Wilson’s recommendation and reading around the 7 minute mark.

Margaret Atwood

Second, Margaret Atwood mentions As Far As You Know in passing in her April 14, 2020 interview on Metro Morning. I strongly support Atwood’s suggestion that you check “Publisher’s Lists” to see what Canadian Publishers have on offer. Here are links to my publisher, Anansi, as well as four of the many fabulous Canadian publishers of poetry whose titles you might want to browse before ordering direct from them or by forwarding your wish-list to your local indie:

Anansi | Book*hug | Brick Books | Coach House | Wolsak&Wynn

Again, the entire interview is charming. You’ll find Atwood mentioning this “local poet” at around the 5 minute mark of her Metro Morning interview.

Thanks to all who have supported As Far As You Know and who continue to spread the word about Canadian poets during National Poetry Month!

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