“Marigold” Album & Video

Over the past few years, James Rolfe has been at work setting lines from my book, The Garden, to music. Commissioned by George Elliot Clarke, the selected verses, now known as “Marigold,” were first performed by James Rolfe and Juliet palmer at the Seventh Edition of Clarke’s poetry series, Five Poets Breaking into Song, hosted on 19 November 2022.

“Marigold” has now been professionally recorded as part of the album, Wound Turned to Light, from Redshift Music Society. The album comprises many of the pieces from Clarke’s Poets Breaking into Song series. More recently, “Marigold” became a music video!

Feel free to listen to Marigold here. Then, go over to Bandcamp and purchase the song or the entire album:

For a whole new spin on the piece, view the video on Vimeo:

I’ve also incorporated these items into the Audio/Video portion of the Presence portfolio area of this website.

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