knife | fork | book’s “Most Memorable Read of the Year”

Many thanks to Kirby at knife | fork | book for including As Far As You Know in kfb’s year-end round-up.

Here’s what Kirby had to say about AFAYK:

No better place to begin than the most memorable read of the year, A. F. Moritz’s As Far As You Know (Anansi Poetry) could it be just a matter of timing? [I think not], a collection reflecting on classic themes of love, loss, aloneness, in search of “O words / of hope and perfecting, forgotten / as soon as made, / reveal your meaning.” A tender forlornness “No word desolate enough / comes to me. No word that cries through the page” still, birds sing “a wonder,” “the world that makes up your body” glimpses of shapes, beauty, “When I lie beside you,” “Dream / dream of the day” the fountain… ceaseless, Al, how your poems meet me here, replenish. Thank you.

Thank you, Kirby!

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