As Far As You Know One of CBC’s Best Books of Canadian Poetry for 2020

I’m pleased that my book, As Far As You Know, has been included in the CBC’s list of Best Books of Canadian Poetry for 2020!

Here’s what the CBC had to say about my book:

As Far as You Know by A.F. Moritz

As Far As You Know is a poetry collection by A. F. Moritz. (A. F. Moritz, House of Anansi Press)

As Far As You Know  is divided into six sections each dealing with a different concept, from terrorism to friendship. This collection dives deep into the poet’s mind revealing his ongoing obsessions with beauty, impermanence, social conscience, responsibility and love.

A. F. Moritz is the author of 20 poetry collections. He has won the Griffin Poetry Prize, the Bess Hokin Prize and an award in literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He is currently the sixth poet laureate of the City of Toronto. 

q 8:40 A. F. Moritz reads his poem Thoughts in Time of Plague

Toronto’s poet laureate, A. F. Moritz, took on the grim responsibility of documenting life in the city in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. He joined Tom Power to read his latest poem, Thoughts in Time of Plague. 

Take a look at the entire list of poets included in the CBC’s 2020 roundup! I’m thrilled to be in such company!

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