Gordon Hill Press Audiobooks Launch, October 1st

Register now and join me on Saturday, October 1st, at 3pm, in celebrating the launch of these Gordon Hill Press audiobooks, including all their poetry titles up until this year:

  • Roxanna Bennett’s “unmeaningable”
  • Tom Prime / Gary Barwin’s “A Cemetery for Holes”
  • Danny Jacobs’ “Sourcebooks for Our Drawings”
  • Mike Chaulk’s “Night Lunch”
  • Amy LeBlanc’s “I know something you don’t know”
  • Travis Lane’s “Keeping Count”
  • Lily Wang’s “Saturn Peach”
  • Khashayar Mohammadi’s “Me, You, Then Snow”
  • Roxanna Bennett’s “The Untranslatable I”
  • A. F. Moritz’s “The Garden”
  • Kevin Heslop’s “the correct fury of your why is a mountain”
  • MLA Chernoff’s [Squelch Procedures]
  • Ayaz Pirani’s “How Beautiful People Are”

The press will host short readings by many of the authors, and a giveaway for some of the new audiobooks as well.

Gordon Hill Press acknowledges the support of The Canada Council for the Arts in the production and promotion of the audiobooks.


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