A Symposium on Emma Goldman in Toronto

This Saturday, October 15, I will be attending a one-day event entitled “A Symposium on Emma Goldman 82 Years After Her Death in Toronto.” In the evening, I will be introduced as the featured reader in the panel, “Remembering Goldman Through Poetry,” chaired by Franca Iacovetti and Cynthia Wright. I will read a poem and take part in a Q&A.

This event is by invitation only and the RSVP window has now closed. Those attending will be seated in the Main Floor Theatre of the St. Vladimir Institute, 620 Spadina Avenue, Toronto.

While this is not a public event, I wanted to mark it here as an example of my work as Toronto’s Poet Laureate in conjunction with my ongoing interest in the anarchist Emma Goldman’s activity in our city.

Here’s a link to my book, The World’s Most Dangerous Woman, co-authored with my wife, Theresa Moritz, which is a specific analysis of Goldman’s time in Toronto.

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