Interviews and Reviews 960 final


Sequence: An Extended Interview with James Wood. [Sequence Interview.pdf]

A. F. Moritz Interviewed by Evan Jones. CNQ Online. January 13, 2017. [CNQ.pdf]

“In poetry, what is learned is of the blood”: An Interview with Award-Winning Poet A.F. Moritz. PRISM Online. April 11, 2016. [PRISM.pdf]

Poetry Month Special: Talking with Anansi Poets A.F. Moritz, Erin Mouré and Karen Solie. Open Book Toronto Online. April 15, 2015. [Open Book, pdf]

CBC Magic 8: A. F. Moritz on the “Illiterature” of Poetry. CBC Books Online. April 3, 2015. [Magic 8, pdf]

Connectivity of Humanity Through Language: Samantha Ainsworth in Conversation with A. F. Moritz. Malahat Review Online. 2014. [Malahat, pdf]

Reviews [very small sampling]

The Sparrow

A Resplendent Sparrow by Micheline Maylor. Quill and Quire. March, 2018.


Alison Goodwin. The Search for Wonder: A.F. Moritz’s Sequence. ARC Magazine. 2015. [ARC, pdf]

Candace Fertile, Sequence. Quill & Quire. March, 2015. [Quill & Quire, pdf]

Elana Wolff, A. F. Moritz Presented by Alana Wolff, Brick Books, Celebration of Canadian poetry, January, 2016. [Brick Books, pdf]

James W. Wood. Reviews: A.F. Moritz, Sequence. STAND Magazine 13(4) 208 2015.  See also, STAND Magazine. [STAND, pdf]

Patrick M. Pilarski. Review: Sequence, by A. F. Moritz. Vallum 12:2. See also, Vallum. [Vallum, pdf]

Early Poems
Richard Greene, “A City of Mere Light,” Maisonneuve, September 1, 2003. [Maisonneuve, pdf] or  [embedded]

The New Measures
Jeffery Donaldson, The Jeweller’s Eye, 2013: featuring a a video close-read of A. F. Moritz, “The Book to Come,” from The New Measures

Stewart Cole, “Achieving the Unparaphrasable: A Review of A.F. Moritz’s The New Measures,” The Urge: Reviewing New Canadian Poetry. September 16, 2012. [The Urge.pdf]

The Sentinel
Amanda Lim, The Poets Quandaries, Canadian Literature, 200, Spring, 2009.
 [Canadian Literature, pdf]

Archival Reviews

As time permits, I will be posting scans and image files of archival reviews and interviews on this page.

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