The Quarantine Review, Issue 2

My son, Blaise Moritz, and daughter-in-law, Roseanne Carrara, have a trio of paired drawings and poems entitled “‘Til Now” in the second issue of The Quarantine Review, a new magazine created by Sheeza Sarfraz and J.J. Dupuis and published by Dundurn Press. Moritz and Carrara’s collaboration appears alongside the work of Teri Vlassopoulos, Teresa Mason Pierre, Catherine Bush and Roxanna Bennett, among others. The issue also features a pressing cover story on White Supremacy, including an interview with Dundurn’s President and Publisher Scott Fraser, as well as an essay on “Economic Revival and UBI” written by J.J. Martin.

I encourage you all to take a good look at this magazine. The Quarantine Review is available for $1.99 from: Apple | Dundurn | Kindle | Kobo | Indigo. All proceeds from the sale of this issue go to J-Flag.

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