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                                             … Star systems
were conceived and died in the silences

between each two.

New Poetry
 published a new poem of mine today. It’s called “The Clock.” I hope you’ll read it and enjoy it!  Then, scroll down the New Poetry site for work by Leigh Nash, Amber Dawn, Troy Jollimore, Michael Holmes, Jacob McArthur Mooney, Zoe Whittall and more….

Read THE CLOCK on Newpoetry dot ca

The clocks on the graphic above are Perspective Clocks by artists Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger of Israeli design firm Studio Ve, some of which are available at the Moma Store.

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  1. Excellent poem. “Time’s wingéd chariot”, in the guise of that thing that so dominates our lives — a gorgon’s head, if one were really to look at it. Heard an interview on Tapestry with someone who chose to be a hermit in a very isolated cabin for two years (a la Walden but in certain ways more extreme — after all, Thoreau was within walking distance of his mother’s house, where he even had his laundry done!) — how when he returned to “civilization” he was struck (pun not intended, but rather obvious, isn’t it?) by how ubiquitous clocks are — he compared it with portraits of Mao in Maoist China or Stain in Stalinist Russia. We live in a kind of dictatorship of the clock, he said. And in this poem, the clock has intruded on the sanctum of the blood’s flow, on the heart.

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