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In addition to an artist’s profile, the Poetry Foundation features close to three dozen poems by A.F. Moritz, including “Better Days,” “Essential Poem,” and “You That I Loved.” The essay, “What Man Has Made of Man: Can Poetry Reconnect the Individual and Society?” is among the four prose pieces. And, an audio recording of “The Jar” (read by Michael Stuhlbarg) sampled below, rounds out the list. 


Representative Poetry Online

The University of Toronto’s Representative Poetry Online features over 4700 poems in English and includes a long list of poems by A.F. Moritz. Titles include “Addiction,” “Orpheus” and “Uninvited Reader.” 


Victoria University Library | Archives

The Special Collections department of the University of Toronto’s Victoria University Library holds an extensive collection of my personal papers and life’s work. Recently, I contributed an annotated edition of The Sparrow.  

Visit the Albert Frank Moritz Fonds

Additional Resources

Recent Publications


Poem. “Allegory of the Wind,” CV2: Canadian Poetry 41:3 Winter 2018.

13-Part Sequential Poem. “Waiting for Word,” Event 47:3 WInter 2018-193.

Poem. “As Far as you Know,” The Yale Review. December 2018. | [pdf]

3 Poems. “My Heart is a Bird, Green-Gold,” “Visit to West Virginia,” and “Imagination of Light,” The Antigonish Review 195, Autumn 2018.

Poem. “Mastectomy,” Reprinted from The Sentinel, in Another Dysfunctional Cancer Anthology, ed. Priscila Uppal and Meaghan Strimas (Mansfield 2018)

Poem. “Oh Sunflower,” from Lost and Found Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 236 (2018): 52 on Canadian Literature online [website] | [pdf]

Poem. “You That I Love,” from The Sentinel, reprinted in UofTMagazine, Spring 2017, p.17 [Website] [pdf]

Poem. “The Rhythm of Time,” The Yale Review. April 2017. Vol 5, No 2. [website] | [pdf]

Poem. “Creating Despair,” Resonance Readings [website unavailable]  | [pdf]

Poem. “Thou Poem,” Reprinted on Poetry in Voice. 2008-Present [website][pdf]

Poem. “Homage to Sleepy La Beef,” Vallum [website] | [pdf]

Poems. “Freedom,” “Simile” and “The Erotic Civilization,” The Cortland Review, Issue 3, 1998 [website] | [pdf]

Poems. Micolo’s Barbershop (via Issuu) Issue #1, beginning on Page 87 [website]  | [pdfs: ONE | TWO | THREE]


Essay. A Remembrance of Joe Rosenblatt. April 2019. [website] | [pdf]

Bio and Link. “Lost and Found: Author Spotlight,” Canadian Literature. March 2019 [website]

Review. Brian Campbell’s book of poems, Shimmer ReportVallum 14:1 Spring 2017.

Essay. “A Garden is Not a Place: Poetry and Beauty,” The 2013 Anne Szumigalski Memorial Lecture. Prairie Fire. Winter 2013 34:3 [excerpt available on website].

Essay. “What Man Has Made Man,” Poetry Daily Prose Feature. November 2009 [website] | [pdf]