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PRESENCE POET LAUREATE RETURN TO PRESENCE TORONTO’S SIXTH POET LAUREATE: A TIMELINE A.F. Moritz served as the City of Toronto’s Sixth Poet Laureate: March 2019 to May 5, 2023.The following is a link-rich timeline of the poet’s activities in the role. 2019 March 6, 2019: MORITZ APPOINTED TORONTO’S SIXTH POET LAUREATE Moritz’s Appointment as Poet […]

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PRESENCE AUDIO/VIDEO RETURN TO PRESENCE QUICK PLAY AUDIO Wound Turned To Light by James Rolfe   VIDEO AUDIO Albums MarigoldMusic by James Rolfe. Words by A.F. Moritz. Vocals by Alex Samaras. Piano by Lara Dodds-Eden.from the Album, Wound Turned to Light by James Rolfe, Redshift Records TK540, Bandcamp. October 13, 2023 Wound Turned To Light by James Rolfe Radio Interviews

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PRESENCE MAGAZINES RETURN TO PRESENCE Online Poetry Collections Poetry Foundation In addition to an artist’s profile, the Poetry Foundation features close to three dozen poems by A.F. Moritz, including “Better Days,” “Essential Poem,” and “You That I Loved.” The essay, “What Man Has Made of Man: Can Poetry Reconnect the Individual and Society?” is among the four prose pieces. And,

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PRESENCE INTERVIEWS RETURN TO PRESENCE Poetry Theory and Practice Interviews in Print Evan Jones, “A.F. Moritz: In Which The Journey Is A Dream” The Civilizing Discourse: Interviews with Canadian Poets, Vehicule Press, 2024, pp. 135-150. Sachi Nag, “Al Moritz,” Craft Interview, The Artisanal Writer, December 1, 2021. [website] | [pdf] Lauren Peat, “Interview – A.F.

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PRESENCE REVIEWS RETURN TO PRESENCE As Far As You Know Micheline Maylor, “Reviews: A.F. Moritz, As Far As You Know,” Quill & Quire, April 2020. [website] | [pdf] Barb Carey, “Water fountains, books, heart surgery, the unexpected feature in Al Moritz’s new poetry,” Toronto Star, 23 April 2020 [website] | [pdf] Ross Leckie, “A Song of Despair

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