Elana Wolff Reads Sequence and Presents a Distillation

Elana Wolff Reads Sequence

As part of Brick Books’ ongoing Celebration of Poetry, Elena Wolff has written about my book, Sequence.

In reading Sequence I feel myself brought into an ongoing conversation—deep and old, yet new and ever-present. Immediate and accessible, yet challenging too. It resists interpretation, provokes interpretation, and personalization. I am drawn to locating myself within the work. I want to participate in it, and I do. Spontaneously, I place myself, I distill—one line from each section of A. F. Moritz’s Sequence—and create my own ‘offspring’ sequence. I insert my own punctuation. It is an exhilarating exercise..

Moreover, she’s offered her own, lovely, “Distillation” as a response. You can view the full article and poem here: Brick Books, Celebration of Canadian Poetry, Week 57, A. F. Moritz presented by Elana Wolff.

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