Early Poems by A F Moritz 400 x 618Early Poems

Insomniac, 2002

from the publisher

Early Poems reprints Moritz’s first four books of poetry, Here (1975), Black Orchid (1981), Between the Root and the Flower (1982) and The Visitation (1983). In addition, it includes his first collection, New Poems, a long chapbook published in 1974. The poems in this collection were written from 1965 to 1977. These works brought him the Ingram Merril Fellowship in poetry and inclusion in such anthologies as August Kleinzahler’s Seven Canadian Poets and Dennis Lee’s New Canadian Poets 1970 – 1985.

Praise for A.F. Moritz 

“An ancient voice, mournful like the wind, speaks to itself yet means to be overheard in A.F. Moritz’s amazing poem “Phantoms in the Ark”. We seem to hear shattered echoes from the Bible, Dante, Petrarch or Scève bound up in Maldoror’s cruel eloquence.”— John Ashbery

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