Dead Poets Society Presser!

I was very happy to read Kathy Flaxman’s review of our December Dead Poet’s Society event at the Art Bar in this weekend’s Toronto Star. And I was happy to be included in the assessment: The current Poet Laureate of Toronto, Al Moritz, who was warmly greeted by the audience, has kind words for the […]

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Elana Wolff Reads Sequence and Presents a Distillation

As part of Brick Books’ ongoing Celebration of Poetry, Elena Wolff has written about my book, Sequence. In reading Sequence I feel myself brought into an ongoing conversation—deep and old, yet new and ever-present. Immediate and accessible, yet challenging too. It resists interpretation, provokes interpretation, and personalization. I am drawn to locating myself within the work.

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The Search for Wonder

Events and moments slip the bonds of chronology to find connection, or sequence, through their common essence.. The reviews for my book, Sequence, are starting to pour in. Take a look at Alison Goodwin’s review on ARC Poetry Magazine’s website: Alison Goodwin, The Search for Wonder, A.F. Moritz’s Sequence.

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