Zeller the Ghost's TattoosThe Ghost’s Tattoos

Poems by Ludwig Zeller

Translated from the Spanish by A.F. Moritz and Beatriz Zeller

Mosaic Press, 1989

“Here are poems that in principle include all that has been done since Surrealism, and yet are strictly original! There is something quite miraculous in them. Ludwig Zeller has succeeded in capturing what generally remains hidden to consciousness, has revealed that whole underlying world, and has done so, it seems to me, without obeying or ‘conforming’ to any system of writing. In other words, as Mutis acknowledges, Zeller has succeeded in freeing poetry and even more in freeing what traditional and burdensome ‘culture’ buries in our inner darkness.” -Fernand Verhesen

This book is backlisted with Mosaic Press.

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