Death of Franco Cover

The Death of Francisco Franco


Blackfish Press, 1979

Poetry incorporated into Between the Root and the Flower and more recently reprinted in Early Poems.

from The Death of Francisco Franco

But the frenzy all around, and within me
the stillness burning silently,
a spark in ash –
all this energy and agitation among ruins
seemed the commotion of a spring
rising in October in spite of reason
and the year’s cycle. A human spring,
escaping only when deprivation
has stripped the husk away,
when there is nothing left of its old world
for the seed to eat. Touching the external,
the soil, the water and the air, and feeling
above it through the mass of presence,
the possibility of light, it can begin at last
to augment itself and to live indeed.

While this title is out of print, the work has been collected in Early Poems.

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