The Canadians Stephen Leacock by Moritz and Moritz 400X618The Canadians: Stephen Leacock

An Arts & Social Sciences Reader

by Albert Moritz and Theresa Moritz

Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2006

from the publisher

The reputation of Stephen Leacock as Canada’s best-loved humorist started with the publication of his Literary Lapses in 1910. Reviewers raved about the book, and by the time his Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town appeared in 1912, Leacock was being hailed as the Canadian Mark Twain and compared to Charlie Chaplin. Despite Leacock’s early hardships, what is certain is that the story of this Canadian immigrant is remarkable. A boy who loved to read went on to write more than 60 books. A boy who loved to laugh went on to world celebrity for his gift for making other people laugh. A boy who came to Canada pining for his birthplace went on to choose Canada as his place in the world.

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