Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology 400X618 best copy until rescanThe 2010 Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology

Edited by A. F. Moritz

Anansi, 2010

from the publisher

The best books of poetry published in English internationally and in Canada are honoured annually with the Griffin Poetry Prize, one of the world’s richest and most prestigious literary awards. The 2010 edition of the anthology includes poems from all the books to be shortlisted this year by judges Anne Carson, Kathleen Jamie, and Carl Phillips. The poems in the 2010 anthology are selected and introduced by the 2009 Griffin Poetry Prize winner A. F. Moritz.

Royalties from the sales of the anthologies are donated to UNESCO’s World Poetry Day.

This title is not available from Anansi at this time, but you you can still order the Anthology from Amazon.

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