Rio LoaRio Loa: Station of Dreams

A Novel, by Ludwig Zeller

Translated from the Spanish by A.F. Moritz and Theresa Moritz

Mosaic Press, 1999

Imagine that you could go back to your home town and find it just as it was when you were a child: your parents young, their parents and the entire previous generation still living. All just as it was except tha tyou remain your present age.

In this marvelous narrative of rebirth, second changes, regrets, and the triumph of the imagination, an aging surrealist poet of Chilean birth reluctantly boards the train in Toronto, Canada where he has lived in exile for many years. He soon realizes he is on a mystery train, violating space and time, plunging without a stop into the deep south. His companions on this journey include the mysterious Contessa Helena Ferruchi, a reiter called Asmodeus the Elder and Leonard ‘the Master.’ When teh train stops, the poet is back in his home town Rio Loa, teh station of dreams…

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