moderncanadianpoets400x618Modern Canadian Poets

Edited by Evan Jones and Todd Swift

AnthologyCarcanet, UK, 2010

From the Publisher

Cosmopolitan, hybrid and eloquent, modern Canadian poetry is still, for many readers outside Canada, one of the great undiscovered terrains of world literature. Modern Canadian Poets sets out to end that neglect, redefining the connections between Canada and the international poetry world. From poets born in the early years of the twentieth century to those writing in the twenty-first, Modern Canadian Poets explores a lineage of modernist, multilingual, culturally pluralist writers who have engaged with other English- and French-speaking traditions in new ways, to make a literature that is unmistakably Canadian and international.

Poems by A. F. Moritz 

Artisan and Clerk
The Helmet
Kissinger at the Funeral of Nixon
Old Pet

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