400 x 618 Measures of Astonishment

Measures of Astonishment

The League of Canadian Poets & The University of Regina Press

From the publisher:

A refreshing and eclectic mix of deeply personal and formal essays that offer a glimpse into the minds of some of Canada’s most influential poets. Measures of Astonishment  shines a northern light on poetry, offering unique perspectives as to what it is, what it does, and why it matters.

This book includes A. F. Moritz’s essay, “A Garden Is Not a Place: Poetry and Beauty,” delivered as the 2013 Anne Szumigalski lecture of the League of Canadian Poets.

It also contains essays, originally Szumigalski lectures, by a who’s who of the country’s literary elite, including Margaret Atwood, Don McKay, Anne Carson, George Elliott Clarke, Tim Lilburn and many more.

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Attend the Book Launch on June 17, 2016 from 5-6pm at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto!

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