In the Writers' Words, Volume II

Edited by Laurence Hutchman

Guernica Editions, 2022

In The Writers’ Words, Volume 2 is a collection of interviews with ten significant contemporary Canadian poets: Brian Bartlett, Roo Borson, George Elliott Clarke, Travis Lane, John B. Lee, Daniel Lockhart, Bruce Meyer, A.F. Moritz, Sue Sinclair, and Colleen Thibaudeau.

In this book, the writers speak in-depth about the importance of personal events in their lives, their aesthetics, the social and geographical contexts, historical background, the influence of other writers and the evolution of their poetry during their careers. These poets give a larger sense of the nature and the development of contemporary Canadian poetry.

“Each of us has our own language, not just a mother tongue, but an inner tongue, a voice that is personal. Being human means we have to learn a plethora of languages, and even then, it is hard to completely know another person. But that’s a test we’re all given.” 
Bruce Meyer

Praise for In the Writers’ Words II

“Laurence Hutchman has presented a quietly relevant text that could potentially contribute to and shift the tone of the current conversations revolving around CanLit at this time … This compilation gives space to a reclamation and reconciliation in CanLit for Indigenous readers and writers..”
Sara Hailstone, Cloud Lake Literary

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