Houseboat on the Styx 400 x 618Houseboat on the Styx

Ekstasis Editions, 1998

from the publisher

Two lovers find themselves up a lazy river without a paddle, their houseboat stuck in a reedy marsh in Hades. What to do? One of them eats shrimp, drinks beer (throwing the pop tops over the taffrial), and strums the guitar. The other tells their story. A work of exhilarating range, from humour to lyricism, Houseboat on the Styx depicts primal human wanderlust from the mythological journey of the soul to contemporary forms of travel. Above all, A. F. Moritz’s poem explores kinship between the outcast of all ages, and the impoverished, belated, fatalistic, yet still-aspiring character of modern culture.

This title is on the backlist at Ekstasis Editions. The author also has a select number of copies of this title for sale. Please email roseanne (dot) carrara (at) gmail (dot) com to arrange a purchase.

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