“Better Days” Featured on Words & Music

Header May 26 2015
Words & Music is an hour-long weekly program on WMNR radio in which Will Duchon reads poems and pairs them with music he feels reflects the soul and energy of each poem. On Friday, May 22, Duchon featured my poem, “Better Days,” from The Sentinel, on the show, following it up by some “Reflections” by Duke Ellington.

The episode, “Poetry About Nostalgia,” featured not only “Better Days,” but also the work of poets Billy Collins, Arthur Vogelsan, Lloyd Schwartz, and Peter Pereira. And, in addition to the Ellington, Duchon paired our poems with music by the likes of Coltrane and Ives.

You can listen to the complete podcast of the program here:


Duchon treats “Better Days” around the 35 minute mark, followed by musical “Reflections” by Ellington and Gross. However, I recommend you listen to the entire podcast.

Duchon has been at this work for quite some time, building Words & Music into quite an impressive series. Be sure to check out his Words & Music Blog Page, as well as his PRX podcast page, which features an extensive and freely accessible archive of his previous shows. The live show airs on Fridays, from 9-10pm EST on WMNR from Monroe, Connecticut, USA.

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