Autumn Getty Reads a Houseboat on the Styx


And yet it was this sense of poetry as a type of thinking that drew me to A Houseboat on the Styx and solidified my decision to devote the bulk of my literary activities to poetry. It seemed necessary to disavow all that my early life had been built on, but I had an awareness that doing so would leave me no provision for the journey. I saw in Diotima a figure for myself, a “stone of your city” whirling aimlessly, “tethered to the litter and despite/of your endless birthplace”, so that no matter what attempt I might make to isolate an aesthetic moment from the vagaries of my biography the past was still there, and indeed the aesthetic moment was dependent on it.

In celebration of their 40 years in publishing, Brick Books launched a year-long Celebration of Canadian Poetry, 357 articles in 91 weeks!  On September 15, poet Autumn Getty presented an extraordinary and very personal reading of my Houseboat on the Styx. Here is the link: Brick Books: Week 90: A.F. Moritz presented by Autumn Getty. I do hope you’ll take the time to read it!

This is the second time that I was included in Brick‘s celebration! The first was Elana Wolff’s reading of sequence, which you can read about on my website, Elana Wolff Reads Sequence or in full on Brick’s site, Week 57: A.F. Moritz Presented by Elana Wolff.

Thanks very much to Brick Books, Getty and Wolff for their continued consideration and support!

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