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Art Bar Poetry

Art Bar Reading – Tonight!

I’ll be reading, tonight, Tuesday, October 16, at the Art Bar, alongside poets Linda Frank and Marvyne Jenoff. The Art Bar Poetry Series is held at the Free Times Cafe, 320 College Street in Toronto. The event begins at 8:00pm. And, there is a $5 charge at the door. Terry Trowbridge will be the evening’s […]

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East Coast Poetry Tour

East Coast Poetry Tour

I am about to take The Sparrow on an East Coast Poetry Tour. This Thursday, September 27, I will read at the Atwater Library in Westmount, Quebec, alongside poets Rebecca Păpucaru, and Moez Surani. On Saturday and Sunday, September 29-30, I join an all-star line-up at Poetry Weekend at the University of New Brunswick. On Monday, […]

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Someone Editions Launches Noctograms

Please join me this Friday night at 7:00pm at the Free Times Cafe (320 College Street, Toronto) to celebrate the launch of Someone Editions’ Noctograms, poems by Luciano Iacobelli, art by Deborah Barnett. Noctograms is the second in Someone Editions’ Little Letterpress series. I will be reading alongside of Beatriz Hausner. Luciano Iacobelli and Deborah Barnett will […]

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Eden Mills Writers Festival HEader

Eden Mills Writers’ Festival!

On Sunday, September 9, I will be reading at the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival alongside poets Carol Rose Daniels and Billy-Ray Belcourt in the “Visceral Verse” division. The festival takes place in the Village of Eden Mills, 12 km east of Guelph and 90 km west of Toronto. Our reading is at 2:30 pm in The […]

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Open book

Open Book Interview

When reading The Sparrow, Moritz’s latest selected poems, I was taken aback by how fluid it all seemed—it felt like reading a single, very long, very old sequence that is determined to smoke-out something from a thick, thorny brush…its target unknowable, yet still set in its ways. I have an interview with James Linsday available […]

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Anansi Blog Post The Sparrow 2018

#AnansiPoetryProject Essay

The poet is privileged to remember that sometimes, dark times, poetry is under the sign of hope, and hope only exists in any true sense when there is hopelessness. As part of their month-long #anansipoetryproject, Anansi is published a blog post or interview with each of the three poets on their spring roster. My short […]

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The Sparrow Reviewed in Quill and Quire

The Sparrow Reviewed in Quill & Quire

The effects of Moritz’s poems are startling, unnerving, and deeply satisfying.” – Micheline Maylor Quill & Quire has published a starred review of The Sparrow in their April 2018 edition. In “A Resplendent Sparrow,” Micheline Maylor calls The Sparrow “an essential read.” Maylor identifies a “cohesive arc” to the selected, identifying both the optimism of the […]

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The Sparrow Cover Design and Launch Dates

The Sparrow: Cover Design and Launch Dates

Then the strong one was off, a willing arrow, gone, curving into the trees. -from “Death of a Sparrow,” The Sparrow I’m pleased to show off the cover design of my forthcoming book, The Sparrow: Selected Poems, A. F. Moritz, whose official “birth date” from Anansi is April 3, 2018. Many thanks to Alysia Shewchuk at […]

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Two new Poems in the high window

Two New Poems in The High Window

the chorus of mosquitoes there benevolent, their hum telling of sorrow overcome by good I am thrilled to have two new poems included in The High Window, Issue 6, Summer 2017 : The Dearest Freshness, and Origin of the Image. You can read them here alongside the work of several other poets. This summer, the High Window’s featured poet is Richard […]

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My review Campbell in Vallum

My Review of Campbell’s Shimmer Report in Vallum 14:1

Brian Campbell’s Shimmer Report is a book of artistic power and accomplishment, wisdom, and pleasure. Among its many dimensions, both of form and of subject matter, a notable one is its many wonderful developments of the theme, “Out of certain mud, we rose” (“The Arrow”): aspiration surviving and blossoming in the all-too-human facts of damage, […]

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You That I Loved in UofTMagazine

You That I Loved in UofTMagazine

Still longing though long gone for the health of all forests and cities and one day to visit them… My poem, “You That I Loved,” from The Sentinel, has been reprinted in UofTMagazine’s Spring 2017 issue as part of their celebration of National Poetry Month in Canada. Also included in this edition are poets George Elliott […]

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The Rhythm of Time In The Yale Review

“The Rhythm of Time” in The Yale Review

The images and words, lying scattered, hear the line’s mute shape and come dancing to make up a body for it, visible and solid. I have a new poem in The Yale Review. “The Rhythm of Time” appears in the April 2017 issue [Vol. 5, No.2]. You can access  “The Rhythm of Time” and the rest of the […]

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Sequence An Extended Interview with James Wood

Sequence : An Extended Interview with James Wood

Last year, Prism International published a selection from my interview with James Wood regarding my most recent book of poems, Sequence. Below, you will find a transcript of that interview in its entirety. Sequence : An Extended Interview with James Wood JWW: What inspired the writing of Sequence? AFM: I think that primarily it came […]

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A.F. Moritz Interviewed by Evan Jones in CNQ Online

CNQ Interview

A person is a vow, a promise he makes to himself and others, a faithfulness to a love, and not in the sense that we usually give to making a vow, but in the sense of a decision which is an orientation of the total self. CNQ, Canadian Notes and Queries, has published Evan Jones’ one-on-one […]

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Autumn Getty Reads a Houseboat on the Styx

And yet it was this sense of poetry as a type of thinking that drew me to A Houseboat on the Styx and solidified my decision to devote the bulk of my literary activities to poetry. It seemed necessary to disavow all that my early life had been built on, but I had an awareness that doing […]

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Four Poems in The High Window

Four Poems in The High Window

The High Window is a new quarterly review of poetry co-founded by David Cooke and Anthony Costello. It publishes poetry in English from poets in the UK and around the world. In addition, each issue contains an editorial, a literary essay, poems in translation, poetry reviews, and an occasional feature. I am pleased to have […]

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My Conversation With James Wood In This Week’s PRISM

This week, PRISM magazine published a conversation I had with James Wood, entitled: “In poetry, what is learned is of the blood”: An Interview with Award-Winning Poet A.F. Moritz.” Here’s a sampling of the questions Wood asked me: What inspired the writing of your most recent collection, Sequence (House of Anansi, 2015)? How do you see the new book’s relationship […]

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Read Creating Despair on the Resonance Reading Series Archives

Read “Creating Despair” On The Resonance Reading Series Archives

Last Fall, I had the pleasure of reading at the Resonance Series in Montreal. Klara Du Plessis has curated the monthly readings at Resonance since 2013. When putting together a night, she aims to pair young, upcoming and established writers, and to complement poetry with prose. Not bound by style, all text-based projects of quality are welcome. […]

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Measures of Astonishment Header

Measures of Astonishment Is In Print!

In 2012, I delivered the Anne Szumigalski lecture of the League of Canadian Poets. This talk, now an essay, “A Garden Is Not a Place: Poetry and Beauty,” has just become available in the new book, Measures of Astonishment: Poets on Poetry, published by the League of Canadian Poets in conjunction with the University of […]

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James W Wood reviews Sequence for Stand Magazine

James W. Wood reviews Sequence for Stand Magazine

Authentic, lived experience is the means by which humanity can heal ‘the rift/between aspiration, delusion and your body’: the physical world manifests the spiritual and enables humans to ‘produce your own style or faith.’ The Toronto novelist, poet and critic, James W. Wood has reviewed my book, Sequence, for Stand magazine, a co-production of the […]

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Elana Wolff Reads Sequence

Elana Wolff Reads Sequence and Presents a Distillation

  As part of Brick Books’ ongoing Celebration of Poetry, Elena Wolff has written about my book, Sequence. In reading Sequence I feel myself brought into an ongoing conversation—deep and old, yet new and ever-present. Immediate and accessible, yet challenging too. It resists interpretation, provokes interpretation, and personalization. I am drawn to locating myself within the […]

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Patrick Pilarski reviews Sequence

Patrick M. Pilarski reviews Sequence for Vallum

The result is a long poem that at different times appears modern and ancient, common and rare, solitary and communal. The effect works beautifully. What makes it so engaging? The answer seems to rest in a series of risky stylistic choices made by the author. As I said before, the reviews for Sequence are pouring […]

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The Search for Wonder

Events and moments slip the bonds of chronology to find connection, or sequence, through their common essence.. The reviews for my book, Sequence, are starting to pour in. Take a look at Alison Goodwin’s review on ARC Poetry Magazine’s website: Alison Goodwin, The Search for Wonder, A.F. Moritz’s Sequence. [I’ve also posted a link to […]

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Read THE CLOCK on Newpoetry dot ca

Read “The Clock” on NewPoetry.ca

                                             … Star systems were conceived and died in the silences between each two. New Poetry published a new poem of mine today. It’s called “The Clock.” I hope you’ll read it and enjoy it!  Then, […]

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An Essay and Two Poems in The Volta

I have an essay and two poems in the October 2015 edition of The Volta online. This edition was edited and introduced by Johanna Skibsrud and John Melillo. Do read their fantastic introduction, The Art of Losing, and have a look around at the full complement of this month’s writers. Here’s a link to my […]

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Header May 26 2015

“Better Days” Featured on Words & Music

Words & Music is an hour-long weekly program on WMNR radio in which Will Duchon reads poems and pairs them with music he feels reflects the soul and energy of each poem. On Friday, May 22, Duchon featured my poem, “Better Days,” from The Sentinel, on the show, following it up by some “Reflections” by Duke Ellington. The […]

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Open Book Toronto Interview Image

Open Book Toronto Poetry Special

Along with fellow Anansi poets Erin Mouré and Karen Solie, I took part in a special Poetry Month Q&A for Open Book Toronto. You can find that interview here: Poetry Month Special: Talking with Anansi Poets A.F. Moritz, Erin Mouré and Karen Solie.  

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Quickie Couplet Contest Header

CBC Quickie Couplet Contest

As part of their celebration of National Poetry Month, CBC Books hosted a “Quickie Couplet Contest” on April 7th. Followers on Twitter and Facebook were invited to complete couplets whose first lines were provided by eleven Canadian poets. I was lucky enough to be one of those eleven poets. Here’s my couplet! How would you […]

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cbc magic 8 header 1

CBC Magic 8 Interview

To celebrate National Poetry Month and the launch of my collection, Sequence, I took part in the CBC’s Magic 8 series of interviews. I had the pleasure of responding to questions posed by the following writers: Lynn Coady, J.B. McKinnon, David McGimpsey, Johanna Skibsrud, Kim Thùy, Alan Bradley, Charlotte Gray, and Shani Mootoo. Read the full article, […]

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Anansi Poetry Podcast Featured Image

Anansi Poetry Podcast with Damian Rogers

To celebrate this month’s release of my new collection, Sequence, Anansi Poetry editor Damian Rogers met with me at the Royal Ontario Museum for a one-on-one interview. This interview is now available as Anansi’s inaugural poetry podcast! Here’s a link to the Anansi Poetry Podcast site. And here’s Anansi’s Soundcloud file: You can also download […]

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Sequence Sequence

Sequence Is Now In Print!

My new book of poems, Sequence, is now in print! Order the Book from Anansi now! Or, join me at the Toronto and Ottawa launches and purchase your copy in person!   Sequence Anansi, April 9, 2015 from the publisher In Sequence, the reader accompanies the poet step after step and breath after breath through a haunting […]

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Header for AFM's Quill and Quire announcement

A Starred Review of Sequence in Quill & Quire

Quill & Quire has given Sequence, my forthcoming book from Anansi, a starred review. Of the book, Candace Fertile writes: The contemporary long poem as conceived by Moritz includes several aspects: epic, lyric, collage, montage, narrative, and meditation. The title suggests movement, and the poem is all about movement, both physical and emotional, although the overall […]

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Canlit2015 15 Poetry Collections to Look for in 2015 CBCbooks

Sequence is on the CBC’s CANLIT List

Sequence has been featured on CBC’s Canlit 2015: 15 poetry collections to look for in 2015! Here’s what the CBC had to say about Sequence: The 19th poetry title by the former Griffin Poetry Prize winner and one of the country’s most revered living poets, Sequence offers a haunting world of intense observation. Built as one long poem, […]

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The Tradition trial 1

The Tradition: Print-On-Demand

The Tradition has been chosen one of the first group of books to be offered in a print-on-demand edition in Princeton University Press‘s new Princeton Legacy Series, a group of titles republished as print-on-demand from the press’s history back to 1906. Here’s a look at the original cover, from 1986: And here’s a link to the […]

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